Knowing that you're doing fine over there, I'm really pleased for you.


We have a lot to learn.


How will this all end?

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I heard shots being fired.


The spare room is ready for guests.

I will meet you in the hotel foyer.

Are James and Marco really married?

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Jeanette is quite an interesting woman.

I really like hard-boiled eggs.

Is this sold by the kilo, by the package or individually?

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Raisins are shrivelled grapes.

He was more loyal than I had guessed.

All is not as bad as it seems.

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To our surprise, Jun came to our party with Sho.

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It disappointed Lorenzo.

I'm aware of the danger.

The greengrocer is very kind to his customers.

We must take that risk.

I don't forgive you.


My gut feeling is that Sal won't show up tomorrow.


I get you.

A terrible demon lives in the forest.

Goodbye everyone!

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There, something completely different.

I'm still seeing her.

This is no time for joking.

Brian sticks to a strict vegetarian diet.

The witch told the servants to sharpen the knives, make a great fire ready, and hang a large kettle full of water over it.

Everyone loves his country.

If only I had left home five minutes earlier.

I knew I could rely on you.

Daniel heard a car horn beep.


I think you'd better tell her.


That's fine.


How can they lose?

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According to all probability, no language is totally free of loan words.

I'm sorry I yelled at her.

Caribou eat almost only lichen during the winter.

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Drop in now and again.

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Perhaps you should see a doctor.

I see no means of solving this.

This is epic.

They're fine.

Who's chairing the meeting today?

Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?

He stared at her hand for a moment.


The lotus blossoms diffused an inexpressibly pleasant scent.

I respect Mr. Brown.

This book is popular with students.

A number of students are absent today.

We can open the windows.

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I was only in Boston for three days.

It took me several hours to reprogram it.

If we hadn't lost our way, we would have been here sooner.


Can he play the guitar?

Sanand hates himself.

Omar knows now.


Is his pulse regular?


I've forgotten how to play that song.


A loophole in the law allowed him to escape prosecution.

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You are blinded by love.


It must be simple.

If you want we can use English.

Laurianne was trying hard not to laugh out loud.


Let's spend less time arguing and more time working.


What do you say to taking a walk in the park?

I've given this a lot of thought.

2 times 13 is 26.


Srikanth is a lifeguard.


My hobby is making phrases.


It's hard to eat just one strawberry.

You're still young.

And that's when he kissed her.

Where did you put my book?

It's only a slight cold.


At such times, I think of my family, not my friends.


Howard knows he did something wrong.

Frederic doesn't mind walking in the rain.

Do you want to have lunch with me?

He was kicked out of the house.

The cabin was absolutely silent.

She could see the driver from where she stood.

We didn't have enough time to finish the job.

I just met her on the street.

Make sure of your facts before you write the paper.


I am rapidly losing the ability of immersing myself in activities that I love.

How long have Geoff and Jan been going out with each other?

Werner is a prostate cancer survivor.


Don't you know who that is?

I thought you said Geoff was in Boston.

Without anger and fondness.

They're embarrassed when they're around strangers.

He was not from a "numerical" culture; that is, it was not their habit to count everything in life.

I'm exhausted right now.

You're so old.

I have a liking for chemistry as well as for physics.

We're only a little away from two million.

He didn't seem interested in making friends.

Let me take a look at that.

What's your hourly rate?

You should quit gambling.

The beautiful is always strange.

I want you to come here.

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Dan said that he was moving up on Thursday.

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Pilot followed behind Nguyen.

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He was the last person I had expected to see during my stay in America.

The chess pieces are pawn, knight, bishop, rook, queen, and king.

How well did you know them?

Michelle was out of his depth trying to control the class of problem children.

Thank you for inviting me here.

Many people use Anglicisms because they don't know how to rewrite them, since there are no alternatives in their own languages. Thus, we see it as our task to think of good alternatives, lovingly and imaginatively.

How does that make you feel?

He kissed me on the cheek.

Ricky grabbed one of the shovels and started digging.

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I understand French a little.

Do you know the creator?

Well, I should be going.

Today I walked 10 kilometers.

She attended the meeting.


Driving for one and a half hours to get to work is a bear.


Why, what do you mean?


We need to do this.


There's no need to do that.

A computer is for brain like a bike for legs.

You are sick and bedridden.


You can make 4, 6 or 12 payments.

I watched a movie yesterday afternoon.

The news is of little importance.


His ideas are up to date.


He received a golden watch as a prize.


You sowed wheat in your field.


Who invited you here?

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I'm going to surprise her.

That's quite intriguing.

I like cold potato salad in the summertime.

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How did you convince your parents to let you stay home from school?


I couldn't find my non-virtual address book until only a few minutes ago.

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Disarmament is sure to make for peace.

It's one of their better songs.

The boy grabbed his sister by the legs and dragged her all over the room until she admitted defeat.

He gently took the paper out of her hands and said, "It's time to rest."

January is the first month of the year, April is the fourth, November is the eleventh, December is the twelfth.


We have to get rid of weeds.

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Mick changed his last name to Jackson.

We used to fight.

If something is wrong, tell me.